AhhFlee Home of the Blues

AhhFlee Home of the Blues

Wellcome to Ahhflee Productions Home of the Blues showcasing a few great gems in
today’s blues.  Primarily three musicians that honor the blues legends of the past such
as Howlin Wolf, BB King, and Muddy Waters to name a few. 

Tony O Blues

Great acts like Tony O Blues who was given his name by Howling Wolf and Herbert
Sumlin. Chicago taught and New York raised. personable yet serious blues guitar slinger.
He’s recorded, played, and was good friends with greats such as Pinetop Perkins (from
the Robert Johnson days), Willie “Big Eye” Smith (from the Muddy Waters blues circle),
and with the Legendary Blues Band.

Memphis Gold

Or the incomparable talents and stage presences as Memphis Gold who at age 4 was
introduced to the guitar and at age 8 was playing on Beale Street. 

LaMonte DeMille

And last, LaMonte DeMille who brings BB King blues style licks and showmanship to 
a breathtaking level that gives one goosebumps because it is so damn good and gets your feet moving.

Perhaps along our blues journey on AhhFlee Home of the Blues, we can explore more
hidden gems, highlight blues greats of the past, and connect once again to the deep
connection that the blues takes us with music, video, and photos.  

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